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If you were arrested and not convicted of a first offense felony or misdemeanor or have a charge that was dismissed, Florida law may allow you recourse in clearing your criminal record through sealing or expungement of criminal records.

Free yourself of the mistakes of your past

A clean criminal record can make the difference in whether or not you get a job or a loan or a house, car or boat. Don’t let one mistake or a legal mishap haunt you for the rest of your life – consider sealing and expunging your criminal record. The law office of Sasha B. Berdeguer, P.A. can help you.

  • When you are seeking employment and filling out a job application, once your record is expunged, you can legally write “no” to the question of ever been arrested. Your background check will not show the arrest record. There are exceptions that may apply.

  • It’s always difficult to get a loan to buy a house, car or pay for your education, but when you have a criminal arrest on your record, loan agencies are more skeptical you’ll be able to meet your financial obligations. Once your record is expunged, you won’t have it hanging over your head.


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