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Real Estate

Anyone who has bought or sold property knows how intricate a real estate transaction can be. To avoid problems and ensure that your rights are protected at each stage of a transaction, the services of an experienced real estate attorney are essential. At the law office of Sasha B. Berdeguer, P.A , real estate attorney Sasha B. Berdeguer has the experience needed to facilitate commercial and residential real estate transactions.

Probate Law

The personal representative of the Last Will and Testament, also known as the executor, is the party responsible for the administration of the decedent's probate estate. This process includes collecting the decedent's assets, filing the decedent's final tax returns and inventory; paying any debts or taxes owed, distributing the remaining assets in accordance with the provisions of the will and notifying the appropriate parties of the decedent's death.

Seal & Expunge

We make it possible for you to have another chance

If you were arrested and not convicted of a first offense felony or misdemeanor or have a charge that was dismissed, Florida law may allow you recourse in clearing your criminal record through sealing or expungement of criminal records.

Criminal Defense Law

If you are looking at prison time or a hefty criminal penalty, you should look to hire the best criminal defense lawyer. As a former prosecutor for the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office, attorney Sasha B. Berdeguer knows the criminal justice system from the inside out. This perspective allows her to anticipate and counter the tactics the prosecution uses against our clients. It helps us to guide our clients through the often confusing and forbidding process of fighting criminal charges.


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Sasha B. Berdeguer

SASHA BARDELAS BERDEGUER, ESQ worked as a Miami Dade Prosecutor, County Training Attorney, Assistant Chief of the County Court, and in private practice before founding SBB Law.

Using her extensive trial and motion experience, she has applied her wealth of knowledge to her clients’ cases. In court, Sasha is creative, intuitive and aggressive. She has been successful in negotiating countless agreements for clients, always keeping her client’s goals as her main focus. Whether she is assisting in a real estate close, foreclosure defense, immigration issues, criminal defense or seal & expunge dealings, she will not stop until she’s obtained her clients’ desired results.

Sasha’s passion for the law came alive while she was studying at the University of Florida and was assigned to assist the Child Support Division and Records Division. From that point forward, she interned in many different legal environments including a commercial litigation firm, at the office of the Honorable Michael B. Chavies, Circuit Court Judge, Eleventh Judicial Circuit and the Miami-Dade State’s Attorney’s Office, which turned into full-time employment upon graduation from law school.

During her tenure at the State Attorney’s office, she handled cases ranging from DUIs and misdemeanor crimes to felony cases. She was also nominated to the position of County Training Attorney and Assistant Chief of Crimes, where she was assigned cases involving local celebrities, complex legal issues and helped train newly appointed Assistant State Attorneys.

Transparent, attentive and meticulous, attorney Sasha B. Berdeguer’s experience as a prosecutor has allowed her to understand the complexities of the justice system from the inside out and open her own practice.  SBB Law represents corporate players and individuals and focuses the practice on real estate law, criminal law, immigration law and seal & expunge proceedings.


J.D., Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad Law Center

  • Silver Award from the Pro Bono Honor Program for her dedication to serving the community

  • Supreme Court as a Guardian Ad Litem

B.A., University of Florida

  • Bachelor of Arts, with Honors

  • Major: Criminology

  • Minors: Sociology and History

Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice
  • Florida, 2006

  • Federal Bar, Southern District of Florida, 2007

Professional & Bar Association Memberships
  • FACDL- Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • FAWL- Florida Association of Women Lawyers

  • League of Prosecutors

  • Dade County Bar Association

  • AILA – American Immigration Lawyers Association


Real Estate

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Seal & Expunge

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